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Many prospective clients express concern about excessive heat gain in summer, and possible heat loss in winter. While this is a valid concern, it is not a problem when the conservatory has been designed by an experienced conservatory designer i.e. with correct ventilation, glazing etc. However, to give our clients the ultimate in light and temperature control, we manufacture and install thermal glass roof blinds, basically allowing you to protect the conservatory from too much sun on those very hot days, and preventing heat loss on a cold winter's night.


Thermal blinds reflect the sun's rays in summer and retain the heat in winter, making them an ideal option for any conservatory.

The fabric used in our blinds is the key to the above high performance characteristics. It is a combination of polyester impregnated with fungicide, laminated with a highly reflective film and backed with a polymer coating (technology originally designed by the N.A.S.A. space programme). This gives the blinds their special qualities and ensures they are extremely strong, lightweight, lightfast, long-lasting and easy to clean.

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Another major benefit of this outstanding fabric is the ability to make blinds for all irregular shapes and have all the blinds re-tractable. Conservatories and glass roofs come in a large range of sizes and shapes and we are renowned for our ability to design blinds that fit the most awkward shapes and roof angles. Blinds can even be designed to fit over opening roof windows. An essential element is the installation, as expert fitting combed with the extremely light weight of the fabric means beautiful clean lines.


The Conservatory Construction Company's thermal blinds can be operated manually and, for the ultimate in temperature and light control, there are motorised electronic systems. These systems can be operated by a discreet wall-mounted switch, by remote control or thermostat.

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