Frequently Asked Questions

What are conservatories used for?:

Anything you wish. Predominantly used as a quite retreat from the rest of the house, our conservatories have also been used for kitchen extensions, lounge / dining rooms, rumpus rooms, home office areas, art studios, home gymnasiums, and commercially as restaurants, retirement homes, relaxation areas, spa / swimming pool enclosures.. the list is endless. With the use of glass, conservatories are a multi-functional room. Many of our past clients regularly remark on how often they use it compared to the rest of the house and how it has changed their lifestyle.

What Is The General Construction?:

Mainly three types, Timber, Aluminium or Steel depending on the age and design of your home and size / design of the conservatory. We pride ourselves in making sure that whatever material used, the conservatory will look like it was built with the house, as opposed to being a Ďtack oní extension.

Which Best Suits My Property?:

Either depending of the style, period and construction. Our qualified advisors will be only too pleased to suggest which design and construction methods best suit your property to give you the desired results.

How Do You Combat Heat In Summer / Cold In Winter?:

Easy : Our unique Thermal Roof blinds reflect the sunís heat back out through the glass thus keeping the majority of the heat out in summer. Air conditioning units can be used in conjunction with the blinds. We also design as much natural cross flow ventilation as we can in the construction with opening roof windows and full height opening windows around the perimeter.

In winter again our Thermal blinds keep the heat in, but again under-floor heating, radiators or extending the existing ducted heating are all options worth considering.

Would I Need Double Glazing?

Not always. Single glazing is adequate for the majority of situations. However if heat loss in winter is anticipated to be of concern, then double glazing is recommended. Our experienced designers will be able to offer more advice in the early stages of discussion.

What About Building / Planning Permits?

The majority of the time you wonít require planning permits but every construction / addition to your home will probably require a building permit. Our team of designers and draughtsmen carry out all work to gain any permitsensure that any permits required 'in house', thus eliminating the need for costly consultants.

How Do I Keep The Structure And Roof Clean?

Depending on the surrounding area, glass roofs, like iron roofs are to a large degree self cleaning. If necessary the glass roof area and walls are easily cleaned down using a hose and soft brush. We also provide specialist window cleaners who will clean the roof area at very little cost. We have conservatories many years old that have never had the need to have the roof cleaned.b

Do you work in conjunction with builders and Architects?

Yes. We will be very pleased to work alongside your nominated builder or Architect. It would be beneficial for all parties to involve us at the initial design stage, so we could offer our 20 years experience and specialist knowledge regarding the construction, design, ventilation and any other aspect relative to your conservatory.

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