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The shape and design of your conservatory is limited only by your imagination....

Building a conservatory goes far beyond creating extra space. A conservatory can add character and light to the entire house. Our conservatories are designed and built to meet the individual requirements and taste of each client. They can be designed to suit all styles of properties, from modern to Georgian, country cottages to Victorian town houses.

Choose from traditional designs, with all the nostalgia, charm and opulence of a more gracious era, or the style, clean lines and elegance of contemporary glass construction.


What's Best for my Home?

Choosing the conservatory that's right for your home is extremely important; that's where getting the correct advice comes in. At the Conservatory Construction Company we believe in personal service - spending the time necessary to become familiar with your requirements and your home, so that the correct advice can be given and the best design achieved.

Attention to detail, innovation and adaptability, are the hallmarks of our experienced designers. They will assist you in choosing from traditional or contemporary styles, the types of materials best suited, right down to the type of door handles and the most suitable furniture. Experience is essential in areas such as achieving the right feel - getting the correct amount and type of ventilation and lighting - whether thermal roof blinds will be required, and dealing with the more hi-tech aspects such as automatic roof openings etc. We enjoy working closely with our clients to achieve their desired results.


Our traditionally designed conservatories are particularly well suited to older style homes, or reproduction older style. Typically we would include such features as:

Our more modern designs on the other hand, are suited to a far broader range of residences. Because we often include traditional elements, they are suited to all homes from 1930's and 40's right up to brand new architecturally-designed inner city townhouses, with many beautiful conservatories having been constructed on what might be termed "average suburban homes".

Working with you.

If you have an idea in mind, we can take that idea to reality and we are there to help with suggestions if and when you need them. Our systems are so versatile that conservatories can be built to virtually any size. After all, your home is unique, so your conservatory should be too. However you wish to use your conservatory, we'll make sure it's the right one for your needs, your budget and the style of your property.

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