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19th C drawing

Conservatories, when first designed in the 17th century, were intended to conserve exotic plant species in northern European climates. The earliest buildings were used simply to keep the frost from plants so that they would survive the winter until they could be grown again outdoors in spring.

The fantastic ambience soon saw them move into an elegant link between the house and garden, they were often a grand affair, built with a classical style, many incorporating stone columns, tall, semi-circular sash windows and positioned to enable imposing views over the surrounding estate parklands or rural countryside. The interiors had stone floors, and in the summer months were furnished with a large grand table and chairs to provide a beautiful setting for meals and entertaining.

 Because of modern manufacturing techniques, conservatories are now a versatile, affordable, and easy way to increase living space and add beauty and charm to any style of home.

Conservatories Today

Conservatories have come a long way in the last 25 years. Modern manufacturing methods and materials coupled with traditional craftsmanship and computer aided design, ensure we give our clients greater choice of materials and more design alternatives.

CAD imageThe Conservatory Construction Company's conservatories are based on a unique concept, designed as an integral conservatory building system and not just a collection of windows and doors. Our aluminium or timber conservatories are carefully manufactured using traditional joinery methods with the aid of modern technology and machinery.  

Whether you desire a sunny space to sit back and relax, a home office, a comfortable room to entertain family and friends, or enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, our conservatories will add a serene extra dimension to your life The options available make the conservatory of today the most exciting way of enhancing your home and lifestyle. Options include types of frame construction, different glazing systems and glass types, hi-tech motorised or manual thermal roof blinds and roof-opening systems.

Our numerous design options fit your lifestyle needs; breakfast nook, family room, dining room or den, bedroom or studio, hot tub spa, music or family room.. anything you wish it to be,

…it's not just a room, it's a lifestyle..


The real joy of being in this very specialised area of the design and construction industry is returning to visit our owners after the conservatory is completed. Invariably they will say something like:  

"We love our conservatory ... it's so relaxing ... we spend more time in this room than any other ... I don't know why we have the rest of the house."

Conservatories are not acquired simply as room additions but as enhancements to lifestyle. Our clients are often seeking an escape from the pressures of every day life; they find the conservatory, a space filled with light and surrounded by garden, a soothing reward for their hard work.

Swimming Pool Inside (click to enlarge)

The real beauty of a conservatory is that it is a room, which is part home, part garden. On a summer's day with the doors open and the heady smell of flowers in the air, the conservatory is simply an extension of the garden. On less clement days it is a cosy and comfortable haven in which to enjoy the outdoors whilst the wind and rain are firmly excluded.


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Our conservatories are designed for a variety of budgets and tastes. You can choose from a variety of materials, finishes and glazing options that complement any style of home, the conservatory's glass roof allowing you to add on to a dwelling without losing light to existing rooms.

Conservatories are used as family rooms, dining rooms, kitchen extensions, pool and spa enclosures and porches. Conservatories are designed to enhance our homes and lifestyles ... the room we gravitate to … to relax in … to bring the outdoors in year-round.

Add extra living space, which significantly increases the value of your home, improving your lifestyle no matter what the weather brings. It's a place to dine in, entertain friends or just simply relax. Ideal for family get-togethers, all-weather entertaining, private study or just quiet relaxation and contemplation any time of the year, day or night.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can enjoy a conservatory by the Conservatory Construction Company all year round.


Conservatory integrated with designWith the rediscovery of the conservatory now transformed by modern technology, this delightful and practical way of adding light, relaxed atmosphere and style in glass, offers unlimited possibilities for additions, extensions or renovating.

The conservatory is now firmly re-established as the only design response, for new or existing homes, romantically and practically bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors, an impossibility using traditional methods of construction.

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